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08-May-2018 HTA Wealth

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ASFA Retirement Standard living costs

The Association of Superannuation Funds (ASFA) has released the Retirement Standard budgets for the March 2018 quarter.

06-Feb-2018 HTA Wealth

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5 money mindsets that hold you back

What’s holding you back from taking control of your financial future? Discover the five mind tricks that can stop you from achieving financial success and what you can do to avoid them.

13-Nov-2017 HTA Wealth

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Here’s Why Financial Advice Is Very Important

Over the years, our clients tell us that our financial advice gives them peace of mind knowing that professionals are looking after them, and that they are financially well prepared for the future. In addition, they say that the benefits of our advice far outweigh the cost of our advice.

24-Oct-2017 Joshua Almond

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Relocating in Retirement? 4 Things To Consider Before You Make The Decision

Reaching the end of your career comes with lots of big decisions. One of those is where to live. Are you going to stay in your family home, or relocate?

17-Oct-2017 HTA Wealth

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Your Ultimate Guide In Deciding For Your Aged Care

This infographic will help you decide on what is the best thing to do about your aged care.

11-Oct-2017 HTA Wealth

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What is Buy/Sell Insurance and Why Is It Important

Buy/Sell insurance pays a lump sum if you or one of your partners dies or suffers a serious illness or injury and aren’t unable to stay in the business.

06-Oct-2017 Joshua Almond

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What are the benefits of a redraw facility?

If you’re starting to compare home loan types, you’ll doubtless have come across something called a ‘redraw facility.’

02-Oct-2017 HTA Wealth

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The Pros and Cons of Having SMSF

Let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having SMSF

21-Sep-2017 HTA Wealth

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9 Facts Everyone Should Know About SMSF

SMSF or Self Managed Super Fund is a fund designed to hold and distribute retirement benefits for its members. These funds are controlled by SMSF trustees/members and can have no more than four members.

04-Sep-2017 Joshua Almond

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5 Ways To Save For Your Mortgage Deposit Faster

Are you wondering how you’ll be able to scrape together a deposit for your first home? What with rent, bills, other expenses and any debts you’ve accumulated, it can be hard to imagine ever getting together the amount needed to secure your first property.

29-Aug-2017 Ben Seeger

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Here’s The Best Way To Save Money On Your Home Loan

Paying for your home loan sometimes eats up most of our monthly budget. It’s hard. But we cannot ignore it as a home is a major necessity. But did you know that you can save on your home loan?

22-Aug-2017 Ben Seeger

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Life Insurance Doesn't Have To Be Hard: Answers To Your Most Common Questions

Life insurance can be really confusing, especially for those who do not have any idea on what it is and how it works. Most of us are also a little intimidated to ask about it, because of our little knowledge. So to give you a better understand of life insurance, we’ve answered some of your most common questions.

28-Jul-2017 Ben Seeger

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The Secret to Saving for Retirement

After working for almost all our life, retirement should be stress-free, job-free, and child-free. It should give us the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. This can be by travelling, doing what we always want to do, or spending time relaxing and having fun. But at what cost?

24-Jul-2017 Ben Seeger

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Important Things You Need To Know About Life Insurance

Here are the things that you need to know about life insurance to help you make a wise decision for you and your family’s future.

12-Jul-2017 Ben Seeger

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Benefits of Having the Right Income Protection Plan

Income protection insurance replaces your lost income in the event that you lose your ability to work due to an illness, injury or workplace accident.